No art passes our conscience in the way film does, and goes directly to our feelings, deep down into the dark rooms of our souls.
- Ingmar Bergman

February 6, 2013

SKIN: A Meditation on our largest organ

Both Julia Knight and I are excited to introduce you to SKIN, our new work in progress.  We are running a 30 day Indiegogo campaign so that we can finish SKIN.  We think it will be an incredible multi-media installation and we hope to receive contributions so that we can realize SKIN.  Take a moment and view our teaser by clicking the below link.  If you feel emotionally stirred by it, consider contributing to our campaign.  Your support is vital in helping us realize our project.

Share with your friends and family -- you never know who's life you may be saving because you introduced them to SKIN and by sharing it with others, it will remind them how beautiful their skin is and why they should respect and love it.

A little background.
Julia and I have been working on SKIN since late 2011.  We filmed last year throughout the Greater New York Area + New Jersey.  From the sunlit beach to colorful sunflower fields to the dark corners of our apartments, we chose locations that metaphorically represented the spiritual and physical nature of skin.

Our Creative Team
Contributions from kimiarahgozar (photography), timothycramer (sound design) and josevargas (installation design) are instrumental in helping us evolve the work from once was a rear-projected diptych film but now has become a multi-media installation.

Our Thanks
We also want to thank Dan and Clare Schoenheimer for graciously letting us stay in their home while we filmed the beach scenes, Claudia Hanlin and Alvin Rodolfo for doing the same as we filmed some of the green screen shots under the roof of their home.   Caio Rodolfo for assisting us while we filmed and we even had Caio film the "watch" scene for us.  We also want to thank Leyla Shirley Knight for giving us the nape of her neck and her hand painted baby shoe for the film.

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